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Judy Villett


I have been wrapped up in quilts all my life! I was nurtured in the snowy Alberta foothills by three generations of family quilters, including one grandfather. My formal art education began at the University of Alberta in the Fine Arts program. Stepping outside the academic art world, I began to silkscreen images on fabric and learned how to add quilting to my designs. Combining traditional techniques and contemporary design was a breakthrough for me, leading to a lifetime passion for the tactile quality and the multidimensional aspects of cloth.

My work now combines many techniques, beginning with commercial or hand dyed fabrics that may be stenciled, painted, embellished, pieced, appliquéd and then finally machine quilted. My inspirations are the play of light and dark, the power of colour, and the textures of the world that I walk in. My wall-hangings have been shown in juried and solo exhibitions in England, Japan, USA, and Canada.

Teaching and lecturing have been a big part of my life.  I love the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge that my eager adult students bring to the classroom.  I conducted a teaching program in my commercial studio in Edmonton, and then amalgamated my classes with Earthly Goods quilt shop, where I became Program Coordinator and developed an innovative program recognized across North America. I have recently moved to New Westminster and become a member of 100 Braid Street Studios. I look forward to teaching in the large shared gallery/classroom area.  In addition, I continue to travel across Canada and the USA to teach, lecture and judge.

The mighty Fraser River and the spectacular sky vistas from our 15th floor condo are constantly inspiring. I continue to enjoy the magical cloth connection that binds me to colleagues, art lovers, and students, who all respond so positively to the fabric medium that I love.

CQA Certified Judge

Judy is certified through the national Canadian Quilters Association. She is honoured to have been selected as one of the jury for the National Juried Show (NJS) in Penticton in 2013, and was one of the panel of three judges at the NJS in St. Catherine’s in 2014. Judy judged at the NJS in Toronto in June 2017.

CQA Instructor for the Quilt Judges Certification Program (QJCP)

Judy is one of two instructors hired by the Canadian Quilters Association, training apprentices from across Canada, Australia, and the USA.

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